Essay about nature in malayalam

Essay about nature in malayalam

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. Due to its location, the country is famous for its unique species of animals and plants. Representatives of the animal and vegetable world, which you will not see anywhere else, inhabit it. Malaysia is also famous for its incredible scrupulousness in relation to cleanliness.

Nature is famous for its beauty. People care about the preservation of the environment. In every city there are parks and reserves. You can safely go to Malaysia even in winter, because there is no cold, the weather is mostly good. The lowest temperature is 20 degrees. However, the humidity index is quite high-80%. Such features are explained by the fact that the climate zone here – the tropics.

Here is the tallest building – Petronas tower. There is also an aquarium “Underwater world”, known among tourists as one of the main attractions.
In order not to feel discomfort in dealing with Malaysians enough to know English, all the inhabitants of this country are well-versed in them. It is not difficult to exchange currency. By the way, basically the prices are in us dollars, which is very convenient and makes everything easier.

Malaysia is located on an island that can be called in different ways: Borneo or Kalimantan. It is worth noting that he took third place in area among the other Islands. Visitors to Malaysia can see the wild world, the diversity of which is preserved due to geographical isolation from the modern world. Scientists all the time find on this island previously unknown species of fish, plants, animals.

If You’ve always wanted to visit a real jungle, you will certainly need to visit a Malaysian mangrove forest. On the island you can walk through the woods, climb the mountain tops, go down to the dark caves, and relax on the beach, try yourself as a diver, while visiting the wonderful underwater world.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital, but in Malaysia there are many villages that are not covered by civilization. The Malay tribes that live there have exactly preserved their ancient statutes and religious beliefs.

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