Essay about new year celebration

Essay about new year celebration

New Year celebration
There are a lot of countries, where celebrating of New Year is a well-established tradition. People decorate their houses, costumes or even bodies. It all depends on what climate it is in a country you live in and how people honor their own traditions.
Talking about my own experience, I can surely say that New Year celebration for me is all about family and gathering together.

In my country it is a common thing to celebrate New Year at home or in a family circle. You hardly ever see some people on the central streets of my city right before New Year, as all of them prepare different dishes and beverages at home. After midnight, we wish each other all the best and just have fun after all. We have an unspoken tradition to watch a greeting of our president on TV. After all these actions we can go to the center, where some citizens come to see a Christmas tree. It is the biggest on in the whole city and decorated with different toys. A scene, which our local government set up every year, is a place where singers or choir sing New Year songs. After the concert we may go everywhere we want. Some bars and restaurants are open, which is good for people who don’t have a company or who just don’t want to prepare food and beverages at home.

Those, who head to their houses, may launch fireworks on their way home. After getting home people raise their glasses in order to drink toasts for their relatives and friends. Everyone, who is a hard nut to crack, can meet a dawn of the first New Year day. You might be afraid of how city is desolated in the morning. Nearly everyone sleeps at home after a long night of partying. The same way of celebrating is common nearly for the whole country.

To summarize, I would like to find out how people celebrate New Year in other countries too. It is a good experience to have as we all have something in common and something different. It would be great to learn something new.

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