Essay about new year in english

Essay about new year in english

People like holidays. Since the ancient days they tend to celebrate their birthdays, memorable dates, occasions and New Year. Every nation has their own way to celebrate this holiday according to its habits, way of life and mentality.

In English-speaking countries there is more important event than New Year in the end of December. Apparently, that is Christmas. More and more people mix together these holidays. Luckily they are familiar although Christmas has always had its religion origin.

Anyway December is a month with magical and joyful spirits for many in Europe. Streets, shops, buildings are decorated. Everywhere a man can hear Christmas music. There are more smiles seen and laughter heard outside.

Although Christmas is celebrated hugely, New Year still plays a big role. This holiday is more close and intimate. It is a reason for busy city-workers to come back come and spend those days with beloved family and childhood friends.

Evidently, every country has its traditions. In China people celebrate New Year huger than any country. Chinese has also longer vacations so they are able to visit their relatives and travel. However New Year in China happens later than in the rest of the world according to Chinese calendar.

Japanese people have a unique tradition to visit KFC restaurants on New Year and eat a lot of fried chicken. For every Japanese this holiday is always associated with KFC food.

On other hand, in Russia people appreciate New Year more than Christmas. The other holiday is more religious and only some of inhabitants celebrate it. Russians have their own traditions too. We like watching old movies that everybody has seen dozen of times on TV. We enjoy cooking festive food with whole family around. It is always a pleasure to decorate a pine tree and put some presents below it. Of course, every New Year the president congratulates the citizens and it is also a great tradition.

To conclude, although every nation has its own way to celebrate New Year, many people love this holiday because it gives an opportunity to be around loved ones and have a good time together.

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  1. I think that Christmas is a magical holiday, but true magic happens on the New Year’s Eve. Every New Year you have a new change to begin something. You can start a new project to make you happy, or say goodbye to all that make you sad! New Year is definitely my favorite time of the year!

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