Essay about new year my resolution

Essay about new year my resolution

My New Year resolution
Every December just before the start of the new year most people tend to start making their own lists of New Year resolutions. They’re thought of as big goals that you have to complete in the coming year to mark them off as success. For the longest time I didn’t understand the point of this but after talking with my friends about their experiences with making resolutions, I’ve finally come to terms that I will be making my own list this year too.

Apparently, the biggest boost in motivation is provided by the fact that it’s a start of a new year. You can pretend that your life is starting anew from a clean sheet and every dream and goal is possible. It’s almost like when we’re telling ourselves that we’ll begin working out “next Monday” but on a much larger scale.

After looking at this from a new angle, I’ve decided I’m going to try this out. I have quite a large number of resolutions on my list, everything from reading 50 books to losing a bit of weight, things that I’ve tried to complete in my ordinary life but never did. Now I’m hoping that this new mindset of changing your life in a new year will help me turn my life upside down in a good way!

My research also helped me learn two important things that some people don’t realize. First of all, it’s important to write down the resolutions as detailed as possible. Some people don’t do it and they don’t realize that an abstract and general goal is very hard to reach, for example “Become happy”. What exactly is being happy?

The second thing is you can have all the motivation in the word and believe in the “clean sheet” mindset as long as you like, but no goal will ever be reached if you don’t try your best to actually complete it. You can’t get leaner if you don’t sweat it in a gym and read 50 books if you spend your free time watching TV.

And yet I think it shouldn’t discourage anyone, myself included. A confident mindset is a great beginning and believing in yourself is a key to success!

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