Essay about new year

Essay about new year

Essay about New Year
I can recall from my childhood how I was looking forward to every New Year. No need to say that this is one of the favorite holidays in the world. Especially, it appeals to all children due to its celebration with delight and presents.
However, people prefer Christmas more than New Year. In Western countries Christmas comes on December 25 or before a New Year.

Which is automatically makes Christmas the main holiday of the winter season. In other Slavic countries Christmas is celebrated on January 7. It doesn’t mean that Christmas here is not honored at all, but many people consider a New Year as the main one, just because it comes first. The Soviet government did all their best to change the way of thinking of people at that days. Due to anti-religious policy of the Soviet Union, no Christmas was allowed to celebrate. That is why a lot of people prefer to celebrate a New Year as the main holiday even nowadays. But for Orthodox Cristian it remains one of the main holidays.

Speaking of celebrating, I can’t help thinking of its traditions. The night of the 31th December is called New Year’s Eve. The members of the family gather together at the good served table and wish each other everything good for the next year. They say, that it is a good day to get rid of all old and unnecessary things. There are many fireworks outside and music comes from everywhere.

The recipes of New Year’s dishes vary from country to country. You can prepare something tasty for your New Year’s table or you can cook something really simple in order not to reinvent the wheel. In the USA you can find meat balls as the main dish and an Olivier salad is very popular in Russia.

Nevertheless, this holiday is one of the preferred all over the world. This is a good reason to come together and spend time as best as we can. So, why not?

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