Essay about opinion

Essay about opinion

Essay about opinion
Tastes differ as opinions. There are as many opinions as there are people who have their own ideas on any topic. It is senseless to argue or to try to persuade the others in your point of view if they don’t share it. Our opinions form according to various factors: childhood, character, work, environment, level of knowledge and of course life experience.

Often people from the same family have different opinions on one issue. Men and women have personal way of thinking. It’s withought taking into concideration their national, political, religious belonging. In situations when opponents are ready to tear each other there should be one neutral side. This third person or people must prevent a big conflict, explaining that the war can redouble the quarrel. Nobody will stay aside then. The force, aggression wil involve their relatives, friends into a storm of misunderstanding. And who knows what the consequences will be?

When we start discussing anything we have to admit that each opinion should be respected, because everybody has a right to think on his own way. Even when people are mistaken, you can just explain them what the better variation is or offer something middle. To find a compromisse is an ability to make concessions. It is a real job not only to hear, but to listen to your interlocutor. Othetwise, the arguement will leave on the agenda. Sometimes we are wrong. In such case there’s no shame to admit it. Even old people make mistakes. If you aren’t right you may apologize.

Our opinions can change during the life. When we are young we don’t percieve what elder generations tell us. After we have a deal with different situations and meet people of various sorts, we become picky, wise, experienced. What else can change the opinion? It’s the detailed survey of the matter. Thus, many opinions enrich the society with new points of view.

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