Essay about others

Essay about others

Essay about help others
The modern world is cruel and merciless. Nobody will help you for free, except your family. We don’t even notice each other’s problems in a daily routine. That is why a lot of people feel lonely, which force them to commit suicide. It is a terrible tendency that should be prevented somehow.

The main part of those who committed suicides couldn’t cope with their problems in school or at work. Statistics show that the youth is in real danger for these days. Their emotions are not stable and can change on the spot. They commonly do a fatal step not even realizing that the problems are nothing. Unfortunately, they regret about this fatal step, but it’s too late.

What should we do to prevent such horrible things? The first two things are attention and care. First of all, we should find out what is wrong and then propose our help. It is necessary to understand that a person can react in different ways. Don’t offend on the spot. Listen to him and try to understand the main cause of such a mood. If you can’t help somehow, just try to cheer him up and support.
Secondly, don’t be pushy. If a person strongly resists your help, leave him alone then. But make sure that he won’t hurt himself. You don’t need to be a spy and look after him everywhere. In case you can’t be sure whether he is alright or not, you may ask his relatives about him.

Thirdly, be patient and helpful moderately. If there is something that you can do for a person, do it! But don’t be gullible and naive. Some people may take advantage of you. Train distinguishing whether a person needs help for real or not. If a person pretend to need help in order to take advantage of you and you realize it, just don’t communicate with such people.

To summarize, you can be a real savior for someone who needs your help, but be sure that this person won’t have the benefit of you.

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  1. There are special methods of preventing suicide. But their effectiveness is not so high and they are more targeted at people who have not yet made a final decision. But who can help a person, even the last step to do is not able to do?

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