Essay about panda bear

Essay about panda bear

Panda bear
Panda’s a beast of incomprehensible origin, it has an exceptional lifestyle, body structure and diet. Pandas are strange children of the nature. The research staff has long been trying to solve the riddle of this animal, they were investigating the skin of the beast, and finally came to the conclusion that the panda is the unique kind of bears, so pandas are also called bamboo bears, a representative of the ancient bear-family. There are a lot of interesting facts about panda bear, which people should know.

For example, pandas have a different name – “bamboo bear”, because in one day the panda can eat 30 kg of bamboo. By the way, although pandas belong to predatory animals, they feed on bamboo (99%).
Panda lives in the mountainous areas of China and Tibet, they are an endangered species of animals, therefore, they are included in the Red Book. Panda spends 15 hours a day eating her bamboo, this is the meaning of her life.
In China, for the murder of a panda, a death penalty is imposed, so they are not touched, but respected. The big pandas don’t hibernate, because their diet bamboo does not allow them to collect enough fat reserves for the winter.

Surprisingly, but panda is on the front paws of 6 fingers, the sixth finger is not really a finger but a wrist bone. It is believed that this “finger” appeared in the pandas during the evolution, so it’s easier for them to cling to the branches of the trees.
Now there are about 2 thousand pandas in the world , and in summer they climb to a height of 4000 meters to avoid high temperatures.

Unfortunately, these beautiful animals are already listed in the Red Book, they’re getting smaller every day, so humanity should think about how many beautiful things go nowhere, because of their negligence. People should think not only about themselves or their own needs, but about Mother Nature, who feeds them and helps them live and survive!

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