Essay about panda

Essay about panda

Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by animals. My parents regularly took me to the zoo where I could witness them with my own eyes. But unfortunately I have never been able to see my favorite animal – panda. Nowadays they belong to endangered species and are rarely presented in zoos.

Pandas are small bears who originally come from China. In wildlife they live approximately twenty years. Unfortunately in case of living in the zoo this amount of time greatly shortens. Pandas have quite a memorable appearance – black ears and large black circles around their eyes. I personally think that these circles make them look very cute. Originally pandas are black and white but sometimes their appearance can include grey or even brown colors. Speaking of pandas’ diet – they mostly eat leave but their favorite dish are bamboo leaves.

Most people know that bears tend to be rather aggressive animals and many assume that considering that panda is a bear, it also often shows aggressive behavior towards humans. But this belief is very wrong, as pandas are the calmest subspecies of bears and rarely attack human beings. But in case they do it rather happens out of irritation and not aggression as it is commonly thought.

It breaks my heart knowing, that pandas are among distinctive species. So far there are not so many left and biologist of the world are trying to preserve these beautiful animal by growing their population. There are lots of funds where people can donate to help these animals survive.

And if at least one person donates one dollar during their lifetime we could already be talking about a huge amount of money. And when it’s coming down to preserving the extinctive species even one dollar is sometimes crucial.
I hope that one day pandas will be just as common animal as cats and we could enjoy seeing them every day.

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