Essay about papers for sale

Essay about papers for sale

Essay about papers for sale
Who does not know what a paper is? We write dozens of pages every day! Statements, reports, powers of attorney, acts, business and private correspondence … Can all this exist without paper? And how much it goes to publish newspapers, magazines, ads! Add to this a huge circulation of books – textbooks, works of classics, contemporary writers, translated literature, among which is a very popular reading detective.

Where only you do not meet with such a common thing as paper! Without it, our life is now completely unthinkable. Is it possible to imagine a literary process, teaching, publishing without paper? But there was a time when people did without it. Clay and wax plates, birch bark and silk strips, carefully aligned boards were used once for writing. But they were uncomfortable and unsuitable for long-term storage. Imagine a book depository in which manuscripts of this kind are collected. How much space will be required to accommodate them! It is not difficult to guess that such a situation could not continue in the context of the cultural progress of mankind. How did the paper appear? Who invented it?

Paper was created by no one who knew the master in China, traditionally isolated from the rest of the world. The paper was first produced in an environment of strict secrecy. Bamboo, long wet in water, boiled until it turned into a loose mass. Diluted with water and a well-mixed compound, then bleached in the sun. Dried and pressed, this paper was of low quality. The Chinese tried to keep a monopoly on the secrets of the paper industry, but still the secret became clear. They say that these secrets were issued by prisoners of war of China.

These legends, however, remained unconfirmed. At the modern plant, high-quality paper is produced from hardwood and softwood. Crushed, impregnated with a special composition, boiled at a particular temperature tree trunks should be turned into a fluid mass. Then from it is not yet fully cooked , and it is almost ready.

The structure of the paper is special: it consists of fibers, densely intertwined and closely interconnected. In our age of scientific and technological progress, materials more convenient than ordinary paper have already been sought. Almost does not differ from it in appearance, does not burn in fire, does not decompose, does not absorb moisture, the new “paper” becomes a true miracle. Even for a long time buried in the ground, it remains the same and does not lose its strength.

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