Essay about parents

Essay about parents

Essay about parents
Who worries and takes care of us during the whole life? Who can sacrifice themselves for our sake? Who gives love and kindness to make us happy? Of course, our parents. They’re two people who bring us to this world, help to do the first steps, explain how to live.

They are our best friends. We can thoroughly trust them. Mother and father are those who will always love us. They both think of our future, health, success. They suffer, have fun, cry and laugh with us. We have to be grateful to them, because they are the only ones, we can rely and be sure in. Parents don’t see our bad qualities, noticing the good treats. They concider we are the most deserving, the most clever, the most beautiful. It is true that parents’ love is blind. Father and mother try to give us the best things, the best childhood. They support and advice how to cope with problems. These people are near us for years until they’re alive. We get used to accept their warmth and care. But when we become parents ourselves, we begin to realize this condition.

Parents can be different. Some of them don’t feel responsibility, dumping their babies. After rejection they don’t regret, because being free is more important for them than the unbearable duty. Years later they may understand the mistake but the train has left. Children whose parents don’t want to take care of them are unlucky. Kids go to orphans house and grow up without relatives. This factor is determinative, nobody teaches them how to love or share the joy.

We should remember that our parents won’t exist forever. That’s why we have to value every moment we talk to or see them. Sometimes we think the parents aren’t right, when they are against our decisions or make us do what we don’t really like. They’re not perfect, as nobody is. But we need to realize that all their efforts and words are directed for improvement of our lives. Let’s be grateful to our parents, forgive and love them.

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