Essay about people

Essay about people

Essay about people
People like different things and look different, feeling and thinking in various ways. One common circumstance is that they are rational beings. The instincts are the same as animal habits: eating, sleeping and giving a birth to new generations. But besides the humanity has got plenty of requirements. Satisfaction of spiritual, mental, aesthetic needs make people stream ahead. They build cities, develop science, write great books, study and become famous.

Technical progress could do possible even flying. Before it was just a dream to travel by air or to visit the space. Now we watch photos of our planet from the far distance. Cars, machines, robots have been replacing person’s labour. Convenient staff is invented, life becomes more comfortable than it was a couple of centuries ago. The population of the Earth lives longer, diseases are cured, plastic surgery helps to keep beauty or change appearance.

Inspite of big achievements human nature stays permanent: people continue suffering from envy, anger; they want to be rich and unfortunately some of them commit crimes. That’s why the institution of punishment has been created. People can inhabit opposite in location territories, belong to different nationalities, confessional groups, but everybody dreams to be happy, wealthy and spend a lot of time alive.

If we pay attention on our main goals we’ll be able to see that material benefits take secondary importance. To begin with we have to worry about our behaviour, actions and relationship with the environment. The cleaner the deeds and words are, the clearer the life is. It’s very nice when except money we enjoy delights – family, hobbies, work, love, self – education. So, the person must take care of a balance between physical and moral sides of his individualism.

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  1. People are such strange creations! The only animals which developed rules and rights, laws and mental horizons. We are fighting for peace by methods of cruel war. We are talking about justice everywhere it’s possible but we are trying to escape from punishment when we are guilty….

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