Essay about people’s appearance

Essay about people's appearance

Appearances are deceptive. I’m sure you’ve met someone, whose character and appearance contradicts with each other. When one sees a tall, broad-shouldered youth, one expects him to be a man of spirit. However, quite often a person, who certainly looks right, but turns out to be weak-willed and even a coward.

The first impression plays an important role in our interaction with other people and the society on the whole. If a person looks sloppy, his clothes are wrinkled and hair is out of place, people will regard him as an irresponsible and unreliable man.
However, if the person looks neat, his shoes are carefully polished, teeth are magically white and fingers are clean, he is more likely to attract people and become the life of the party.

On the other hand, sometimes the appearance contradicts with the inner world. Have you ever met a person, who looks elegant, his blonde hair is shining in the sun and body posture spreads the confidence around? However, after one word from his lips you realize that perfect outlook played a funny trick with you. The man turns out to be jealous, arrogant and totally disrespectful to everyone. Hardly anyone will want to meet him on some event or hang out together.

So how should we balance perfect outlook with a great personality? And should we contrast those two things? In my opinion, you can’t look nice if you are irritating, supercilious or antisocial. And vice versa, you can be an extremely charming person with a scruffy outfit, but people will not rise to you.

Personally, I regard that inner world and appearance are two sides of one coin. To make a good first impression and get along with people you should always pay attention to your outlook, whereas no forget about being friendly and delightful. And you should always remember how will you look in the eyes of others when you are meeting new people.

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