Essay about pets

Essay about pets

In huge metropolitan areas people often take pets because of loneliness. Pets are fun animals and you can communicate with them. A person cares about pets, cherishes and cherishes them counting on mutual feelings – affection, gratitude, devotion and loyalty.

Home pets are animals that are near a person at his will and which he contains, providing them with shelter and food. But sometimes it happens that the pet is a large poisonous spider tarantula, a scorpion or a cockroach, for example, the glabrous giant, known as a giant Madagascar cockroach, reaching 8 cm, having rigid wings and an unruly disposition. And lots of people note the exotic pets create comfort, soothe and relieve stress.

The most popular pets are cats and dogs. The cats confidently occupy a leading position.
The variety of pets is much wider in cities. They are decorative and songbirds such as parrots, canaries, pigeons. The singing and decorative poultry that escape from the cells do not survive in the wild. They can no longer feed themselves, but they can quickly become prey to predators.

What place do pets play in our lives? If you think about it the place is sometimes huge. Most animal lovers know that a kitten or a puppy completely changes the habitual way of the owners’ life and cares about its health, training and education to form the conditions in which the pet becomes a full member of the family. Sometimes a pet is transformed into the center of a small universe and all the members of the family rotate around it with joy and ecstasy.

Despite the difficulties and the lack of time many of us do not imagine their lives without pets. This is not surprising because it has long been known that pets are the best cure for boredom and depression. In addition, a pet in the house is a good reason to start an active lifestyle, get rid of emotional and physical problems, gain courage and endurance. Pets can easily change our life!

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