Essay about phrases

Essay about phrases

Essay about phrases
In different languages phrases exist in their own manner. Sometimes it’s difficult to translate literally an idiom or a collocation. We should catch the meaning and then transfer it to people. The phrases can be wise, funny, absurd for the first hearing, strange or complicated. However, they all convey a definite sense, having peculiar character.

When we encounter them in books or in oral speech we want to guess what they mean. In such situation it’s good to use dictionaries, internet etc. Many national phrases are coined according to their traditions, mentality, conditions of life.

While travelling people often listen to foreign words full of incomprehensible meaning. After the in-depth study they understand what the matter is. The richer with phrases the speech is the more interesting becomes the subject. Hackneyed phrases are not the sign of a developed mind.

Only those who use specific to each case phrases can be considered very educated and intelligent. The speech shows how literate you are. It’s an index of you emotional state, your personal growth. If you can’t operate words you aren’t able to become a demagogue and persuade people in any ideas. Orators have a gift of eloquence. That allows them to speak in public brilliant.

The phrases teach us to learn the language deeply. They may have positive or negative shades. One phrase is enough to express your intention, inspire somebody or oppress him. It also can be a threat or a warning. So, phrases are important when people talk to each other and try to share their opinions.

Being a good company means not only usage of various phrases, but be able to tune your conversable to your own wave. Appropriate phrases cheer up, excite, make people more understanding. They remind of a skillful weapon which we use to get a wishful result.

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