Essay about pollution

Essay about pollution

Pollution of the oceans. Man and the sea.
The land and the ocean are connected by rivers that flow into the seas and carry various pollutants. Chemicals, such as oil products, oil, fertilizers (especially nitrates and phosphates) that do not decompose on contact with the soil, insecticides and herbicides fall into rivers and then into the ocean as a result of leaching.

Plastic is one of the greatest and one of the worst inventions of humaniity. It promoted technical progress and proved his usefulness. Without it, practically nothing is done in the modern world (look around and you will see that almost everything is made using plastic). On the other hand, it is very durable, which makes it very valuable as a building material, but due to its durability, it has become an ecological monster – an immortal and invulnerable material that is very poorly biodegradable, the ability of materials to disintegrate into environmentally safe substances. Our dependence on polymers has a very bad effect on the ocean.

As the consumption of plastic increases, so amount of discarded plastic debris rises. Consumer society favors the habit of using disposable things and immediately throwing out if something has broken down, because, according to the ideology of such a society, “new is good”. And discarded plastic is often dumped in the ocean or gets there through rivers. The amount of garbage being thrown out is constantly increasing and this is really frightening.

You may have heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Spot, which lies between the western coast of America and the Hawaiian Islands, which in connection with the circular flow of water collects plastic waste. In the garbage patch, there are areas where there is more debris than plankton. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is found all over the world, where the currents of water are circular. Chemical substances are leached in water from plastic. Marine animals often mistakenly swallow it. All this has a very negative impact on the ecosystem.

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