Essay about problem and solution

Essay about problem and solution

Essay problem and solution
Despite of existence of problems of various kinds, earlier or later the solutions can be found. People suffer from troubles during their whole lives. There are social and personal problems. While the first ones should be fixed by common efforts, the rest are the private business. Looking at the problems in the society we can divide them in several groups: environmental, national, gender and others.

The changes in climate, its global influence on the weather of all countries, are always discussed by representatives of NGOs. These associations arrange grant programs, do research works and try to improve the state of the atmosphere, great glaciers surroundings, keep animals, fish, birds safe.

National conflicts are under the regulation of the leaders of countries, who have to settle relatioship between people and not to admit the beginning of the wars. It’s hard to take care of so many citizens, but that’s their essential duty. Agreements and conventions help do it.
For tackling gender problems special laws and rules were accepted. There it is written which rights and responsibilities both men and women have and use. According to notifications in a case of breaking the laws the aggressor will be punished.

Inside the society there are problems of moral quality. They refer to national minorities, like unisexual love or religious misunderstanding. These questions are reviewed in a different order. It depends on a concrete situation. We know that male marriages are already allowed. The European Union permited them to get married. Although their unusual bents were condemned before. All confessions have a right to follow the religion they prefer. This way the society tried to fix these problems to prevent possible combats and confrontations.

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