Essay about problem of pollution

Essay about problem of pollution

Essay problems of pollution
Pollution has become very wide spread. In the world the resources have been spending without a limit. The wastes are thrown into the seas and oceans. Rubbish fills big territories, spoiling not only the sight, but the common atmosphere. People don’t think what will happen several years later.

While they’re worried about the leadership among other nations, the nature suffers from egoistical activities of the countries. Litter is dropped on the floor, streets are dirty with plastic objects. But there are unrecyclable products, which mustn’t be left in the environment. They can poison it.

Big megalopolises have got factories, plants, cars. The exhausts are exuded into the air. They interact with each other and a new mixture of toxic staff appears around. The essential resource of the world is water. Without it we can’t do. Only 3 days are enough to die if we don’t drink. However, water is used irrationally. Rubbish goes straight to rivers and seas. That causes a migration of fish and birds, because they don’t find alimentation. The poisoned water makes a problem for the whole humanity. It gets sick, people pass away after epidemies. Actually, the pollution touches every country, it doesn’t matter if it’s huge or small. The circulation of the water in the nature transfers microbs and infection from one region to another.

The soil pollution is also a problem. Tourists leave a lot of trash on the beaches and in the water after a vacation. These used objects block up the nearby places, disordering the natural balance. Clean air, water and Earth are dreams. Our planet is drowned in international wars and fight for the spheres of influence. But if the humanity doesn’t stop destructing itself the problem of pollution will grow in size. Then people won’t struggle for money or power, they will hunt for water and clean places to live. It will resemble a terrible pursue for survival.

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  1. More and more people are thinking about the pollution of resources. More and more often we talk about this, although everything depends on the person, his influence on the world around us.

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