Essay about problem solving

Essay about problem solving

Essay about problem solving
According to problems special services appear in the social structure. They are commitees, organizations and volunteer teams. Medical help assists people to cope with psychological problems, as depression and exhaustion. Doctors try to turn on the inside biological mechanism of a person, answering for motivation.

They bring people to a normal life after they encounter a tragedy or a nervous break down. Patients stay in clinics or have an out-patient treatment. Mental health plays one of the main roles in the life of the society. Financed by big companies agitation campaigns are held all over the world. They tell about the harm of drugs, nicotine and alcohol, teach population to look after their health. The quantity of addicts decreased. They inform about dangerous diseases and preventing measurements. Besides, there are call-centers, where you can get professional help, discussing your problems with psychologists.

One of the big problems is the existence of children who don’t have parents or were dumped by them. Orphen houses or the guardianship system work on it. Lonely kids are sent to the places with normal conditions to get a shelter and education.

Another problem of our century is an extra weight. Fat people suffer from high blood pressure. They can’t move free. They eat fast food and don’t take into consideration its harm. Gradually they become too fat to loose spare kilos. The products which have an attractive appearance, but bad influence, shouldn’t be advertised. The advertisement is just a business, directed onto the enrichment of millioners.
Thanks to new programs smoking and drinking are prohibited in social places. The attention is paid to sports. It is the best alternative to harmful habits. So these problems find their solutions as well.

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