Essay about problems in community

Essay about problems in community

Modern society has a set of problems because of fast development. I think that if in the near future not to solve them, there can be an accident. To consider all problems in the essay, it won’t turn out because there is a lot of them, I will specify the main:

1. Terrorism. Explosions, murders because of religion, embitterment of people — all this leads to tragic events, a large number of corpses.

2. Pollution of the world around. In the world there were few environmentally friendly places and over the years they become soiled, because the plants fill more space. Ecologists try to fight against catastrophic environmental pollution, but clarification won’t happen to each of the inhabitants of our planet ceases to throw out garbage. It is necessary to protect the nature and to develop new technologies so that they didn’t harm the atmosphere.

3. Depression. People try not to notice that they feel grief, constants are in a condition of a depression. Also, they don’t wish to ask for the help psychologists and psychotherapists, thinking that the problem it will pass. Actually, a depression — the real disease which consequences can be very sad. Now often there are suicides because of a depression.

4. Embitterment. Each person wants to achieve success. To receive it, we are ready to betray dear people, friends, to deceive them. We show few good feelings. Perhaps, we even have forgotten to do it. Such behavior quite often leads to murder.

5. Dependence on the Internet. We live on the Internet. Now even small children are able to use tablet computers. Instead of walking on the street with friends we choose communication on social networks or online games. We have forgotten to communicate in real life, it is simpler for us to watch memes and video at YouTube.

These problems concern practically all of us. If to ignore them, shortly the mankind will begin to die out.

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