Essay about problems in education

Essay about problems in education

Problems in education
It’s known that education plays one of the most important roles in modern life. From early years children are convinced that to get a descent education, a good job, a high salary in the future are fantastic ideas. Studies are differed by quality. As well educational systems in various countries aren’t similar.

But there are some common principles accepted by the international community. Everywhere professional workers, specialists of rare profiles are demanded. So education is a foundation for a potential job. It gives benefits and provides us with pensions in our old age.

First it’sgreat if you graduated from university and have a degree. It is better if you also have had your Master’s. Then you’re welcome anywhere. But there can be barriers to study. The problem is that education is not free. Courses of languages, IT, art of cookery are chargeable. If there’s no opportunity to pay you can’t study. Poor families send children to work instead of schools. They need to bring money home. Many teenagers do part-time jobs. It’s cool when they simultaneously get education. This rythm is very tensed, though. Young people get exhausted and they don’t manage to cope with all duties. If they do they’re bricks.

Also educational system includes passing exams. The marks influence on the whole process. Personal attitude of the teacher to the student can spoil the scores. Or definite subjects are difficult to understand. Students try to do the best, but their tests show bad results. This means they are not competent. That’s why they need to enter the department, where they teach the subjects easy to learn. As well a saying sounds: « A hard-working person builds a castle». So everything depends on one’s diligence and persistence. You can move mountains if you intend to make your dreams come true.

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