Essay about problems in life

Essay about problems in life

Essay problems in life
Life is a period of time given to people to learn. The whole life we get to know new things. We study, develop ourselves, make families. But during our being on the Earth we face different problems. They concern relationship with members of families, partners, friends, teachers, bosses. We can suffer from lack of money and diseases.

Beginning from childhood people obtain problems at school. When they go there they have arguements, conflicts with coevals or professors. A weak and unexperienced person isn’t able to confront the outside aggression. When he is offended by schoolmates he’s afraid to stand up for his point of view because of the pressure of the majority. It’s fine having a friend or a good adviser to explain that the life consists of white and black lines.

Before making a conclusion it would be better to have a look at the situation under all angles. Each difficulty brings a contribution to our experience box, where the achievements, failures and disappointments form an unvaluable collection.
Then people get married. Sometimes their choice is wrong and they regret of it. There are cases when love ends up. Here we can see that children in families feel lonely and unhappy, observing their parents’ divorce. Anyway all problems, whether they’re a matter of the unfortunate love or just a destroyed family, can be solved. You may find an inspiration in kids, work or meet a right man to start a new love story.

Probs with earning money can hurt hard. It’s a serious thing when you don’t have an opportunity to feed your off-springs. But in the worst position are people whose relatives are sick. If their illness is uncurable they think of giving all their belongings for the health. That’s why complaining leads to nasty consequences. We should be grateful to heavens for what they gifted us.

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  1. Each person must determine for himself the life goals and tasks that shape and, in fact, make up his sense of life. To achieve these goals means to reach a certain stage in life, and put before ourselves new necessary tasks.

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