Essay about problems in school

Essay about problems in school

Essay problems in school
School is the place, where children spend almost the same time like home. It gives them much: knowledge, friendship, communication, development, opportunity to show what they can. At schools the kids get a lot of information and life experience. They may love going to school and may not. When there are problems, nobody likes to attend the annoying territory. That’s why parents should be in course of their off-springs’ success as in studies and also in envoronment.

Among studendts conflicts appear very often. They are too hot and want to be in the centre of events, they need to express themselves. Young people just start to enter the life of adults, that’s why everything is interesting for them. Children rush to get new feelings. But in many cases juvenile maximalism disturbes them to keep calm. When teenagers begin to quarrel, they can encounter with difficulties. One of them who is stronger beats the other. Physical fights, moral pressure, bullying – all these are practised in the schools. Usually the teachers and certainly the parents learn about the problems in the last turn.

The children can also have troubles with the studying process. If the pupil is weak he doesn’t catch the program and leaves behind. Bad marks can cause the second year of education in the same class. Teachers contribute in the children’s attitude to school. If they inspire the pupils the kids will stream to learn. It’s important to find individual approach to each child. Some of pupils are very active, trying to be the first. But there’s a kind of children who are afraid to answer standing by the blackboard.

Or they feel embarassed while speaking in public. Childish mentality is tender, therefore we have to help kids overcome problem situations they meet at school, because we’re responsible for their happiness.

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