Essay about problems in society

Essay about problems in society

Problems in society
Problems in society are corns of the humanity. They are racism, poverty, fight between genders, religious conflicts and, of course, terrorism. Racism is forbidden by international law but until now people with dark skin suffer from bad treatment. They’re ignored, insulted. In general African nations especially feel this prejudice on themselves. Such an attitude is expressed more towards ignorant population.

Poverty makes a big gap between poor and rich. When some wealthy people afford to swim in luxury, the others work hard and earn minimal salaries. So children from poor families begin to think that they’re not deserving to be equal. It forms an inferiority complex, which influences on their consciousness. Gradually they grow up unhappy. Some of them envy more successful people. A lot of girls choose husbands among rich men, they don’t look at the presence of love and mutual understanding.

Men and women are different in many aspects. From ancient centuries men were considered to be stronger and more aggressive. Women had just to keep the house tidy, arranging everything for the mes’ coming. Comparing modern women with their predecessors we can notice a huge difference. Nowadays females got a right to work, study, vote, drive, take leading positions in governments, fly to the space.
Next problem is religious confrontation. People from opposite confessions can’t understand that their arguements have bad consequences. Why don’t they accept the idea of existence of different outlooks?

The most important problem is terrorism. It brings grief, wars, hatered, tears, deaths. Acts of terrorism destroy fates, hopes, killing everything around. As we see all the problems should be solved by common efforts and with a wish to save our beautiful planet together.

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  1. Civilization is one big problem. She tamed us, made us homemakers, particles of a complex system that fulfill one of their roles, and in all other cases it is forced to stand still and wait for another gear.

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