Essay about problems in the philippines

Essay about problems in the philippines

Problems in the Philippines
The archipelago Philippines is consisting of more than 7000 Islands between Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, bordering the South China Sea.
All neighboring countries have different numbers of tourist attractiveness. The Philippines have the blue and clear sea and many coral Islands. It seems like this place must be the most attractive for guests. But…

The country is still in political instability and military regime.
Poor infrastructure, broken roads and unsafe ship – all this discourages potential tourists. Ecotourism also attracts the attention of travelers because of the barbaric traditions to the nature among the local population. And although the government tries to use education and awareness to prevent such incidents, the huge damage to the environment already was done.

In the Philippines there are several class luxury hotels with all-inclusive. They are on the Islands, protecting their visitors from the General degradation and dangers of big cities. The food here is delicious and there is no problem with understanding English.
Independent travelers who like to walk in the wilderness and don’t mind the lack of tap water and the lake they can discover a lot of amazing things in the countryside.

In 2000 a Belgian research Centre declared the Philippines the country most prone to natural disasters, as there are frequent typhoons, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, landslides and military action against Muslim terrorists. This is only some of the biggest problems.
However, the current government tries to correct the negative image of the country. Nowadays may be the time to see the country for what it is, yet the country is still not built up with hotels and resorts. And without Russian weapon. The Philippines will be good with normal politics.

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