Essay about problems in the world

Essay about problems in the world

Problems in the world
In the world there exist many problems, which destruct the Earth and lead to the global catastrophe. These problems can have local and international character. Hunger, pollution, terrorism, wars – all are painful questions.
It seems unfair to die being hungry, while other people spend money on expensive things.

One person starves, the second doesn’t know where to throw extra cash. Some people do not have a roof above their heads, the other ones own several mansions, planes, even islands. Unequal distribution of resources and finances give a birth to conflicts. It doesn’t refer to money earned by one’s own sweat and blood. We talk about stolen riches of dishonest people, who wallow in money.

Pollution of the main reservoirs, land, air, environment slowly crashes the natural defence of our planet. People drop littter to the places, they are going to use later. Wild experiments with biological or chemical weapons cause awful diseases. Animals and birds die, because they can’t resist this terrible aggression. Elementary norms of hygiene aren’t kept. Oil wastes, thrown into the rivers or seas, poison the coasts. Dead bodies of fish are found afterwards.

Many lives are taken away during wars. Innocent people, children and old ones die in hot points. While big countries pursue their interests, the peaceful population suffers. Houses are broken, schools are destroyed, nothing leaves alive. That’s why refugees escape from their Motherland. The miserables try to ask for a shelter.

Is it right to torture the planet and its inhabitants? And how long can the Earth stand this chaos? Maybe we’ll be witnesses of a great disaster if the world decides to answer the human selfishness. It’s time to stop the invasion and wars in order to provide future generations with blue sky and clean atmosphere.

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  1. Every person in this world has his own problems. At one problem it is less at another more, and at a third they are not present in general. However, there are global problems of the world and that they need to be fought with, that people would rally and help first to each other in solving the simple problems of each person personally and then perhaps the way to solving global problems will open.

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