Essay about profession

Essay about profession

Essay about profession
Choosing a profession a person defines his further life style. The occupation directs us to the special sphere. It dictates which skills we have to obtain for work. In the end of the school pupils decide what they want to be: a doctor, a teacher, an engineer etc.

Usually they orientate on their bents or their parents’ advice. It’s important to remember that you can change your previous profession, though it is never late to learn doing something new. Anyway, the main thing is love to your occupation. If you do the job with pleasure, you get satisfaction as well as salary. Your boss is pleased, people whom you serve are grateful.

All professions are good and necessary. But there are some noble ones: doctors, farmers, teachers. Doctors help people to be healthy, farmers provide us with food, teachers tell about many things during the studying process. The profession of a pilot is dangerous and harmful. There’s no guarantee that a plane will land safe and sound. And working in the air is hard because of the high pressure. Some people become singers, dancers or actors. They are creative and wish to be known. Scientists are a saparate group.

They devote the whole life and free time to researches and discoveries. Military men risk themselves for their country. They can be called at night to fulfill the duty before the Motherland.

So, never mind what you decide to become. You have to be qualified at first. It depends on your diligence and experience. Step by step you will get better in the field you chose. When you can do your job perfect, you may start a career and achieve the best results. Then you’ll be respectful, earn much money. Profession leaves a pace on our fate. We begin to think in frames of the occupation. Our characters change according to the job we systematically do. That’s why we must develop skills and show what we are able to.

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  1. If I had the opportunity to rewind everything, then I would go to the actor to study, well-known actors then deputies in the Duma are offered to work, or went to Boston to study in engineering.

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