Essay about punishment

Essay about punishment

It is difficult to imagine our cruel and merciless world without systems that help to differentiate the gravity of a crime and punishment for it. In spite of the fact that such systems exist, some people keep committing crimes.
There are a lot of types of crime but some of them can be divided by its severity. For example, there are minor offence and grave crime. To the minor offence belong such types of crimes as illegal parking or jaywalking.

Murder or rape are considered as grave crimes. It is obvious that punishment will vary in different cases. Especially, when all the aspects were taken into consideration.

People who are guilty in a crime that is considered as a minor offence, must pay a fine or damages. In case the crime is a felony, people are sentenced to imprisonment or even death penalty, which is known as a capital punishment.

Criminologists all over the world have plenty of different facts of what exactly influences on crime rate in modern world. The most common cause is economic problems. Unemployed and homeless represent the vast majority of people who commit crimes. Social problems are not the last in this list. Constant bullying in schools and dropouts create potential criminals.

Education and age are also important. It is proved that educated people don’t want to take a risk doing something illegal, because they have all the chances to lose everything they have already earned. Some criminologists claim that number of criminals among teenagers is more way higher than among adults. This explains why so many gangs appear on the streets every day. Nevertheless, I am totally sure that only government can deal with all these factors.

To summarize, I should say that the severity of a punishment for a crime depends on the countries’ judicial and government systems. Even in democratic countries you may find a death penalty.

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