Essay about questions examples

Essay about questions examples

There are four main types of questions in English. Consider each separately.
1. General question. This type of question applies to the entire sentence and requires a short answer. The answer uses the same auxiliary verb as the question.
Do you live in London? – Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
Have you ever been in Africa? – No, I haven’t. Yes, I have.

2. Special question. Special question. The special question can be asked to any member of the proposal.
A) Question to the subject and its definition:
What is he? – He is a doctor.
Who is going to the party? – I am. I am not.
Who is decorating the room? – She is. She isn’t.
B) The question to any member of the sentence (except the subject) requires a full answer:
Where do you live? – I live in Bournemouth.
What are you doing now? – I am reading my favorite book.
What is your favorite activity? – My favorite activity is doing sports.
3. Alternative question.
The first part of the alternative question is constructed by the type of General question, and the second is joined by the connective joinder or and the compared word. It should be noted that the words to be compared must stand side by side.
Do you live in London or in Manchester? – I live in London.
It is sunny or rainy today? – It is sunny.
4. Disjunctive question. The disjunctive question requires a short answer and consists of two parts: an affirmative / negative narrative sentence and a short tail question. In Russian, this type of question can be translated into interrogative sentences with a particle «after all», or correspond to the question «is not it? »
It is going to rain, isn’t it? – Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.
Linda isn’t going to the party, is she? – But yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.

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