Essay about questions for romeo and juliet

Essay about questions for romeo and juliet

William Shakespeare wrote the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” several centuries ago, but this story of tragic love remains relevant today.
The basis of this tragedy is the ongoing struggle of the old, who does not want to leave, and the new, which eventually wins. Eternal war between the two families Capulet and Montague, which if first and had reason, then over time she forgot.

The families themselves seem to defend their honor and are not going to stop the long-term strife and suffer from it all the inhabitants of Verona.

But still, the main thing in this tragedy is the love of Juliet and Romeo. A love that can end this pointless showdown between the Montagues and the Capulets. A boy and a girl from these families fell in love. The author has very nicely portrayed the development of their feelings.
Romeo and Juliet are still too young, their hearts are pure, they find something beautiful in every day, and having met each other, they also feel an incredible happiness. The feelings that the main characters experience are contrary to the established rules of their parents.

After all, the struggle that lasted between their families can no longer continue. Despite the fact that the characters are young and seemingly naive, but they understand from the beginning that their love will end sadly. This is evident in every conversation between Romeo and Juliet.

The main characters are fighting for the right to choose whom to love, but they are surrounded by a brutal hostility. Because of this, Juliet, after drinking a sleeping potion, then takes up arms, because Romeo, thinking that she is dead and he dies. And she cannot imagine her life without him and dies. Juliet is just beginning to know the feeling of love, but to love the second time she cannot and the only one to die with her beloved.

The love between them lasted less than a week, but it resisted the outdated views of their families. It is the death of children, are finally able to reconcile the Capulets and the Montagues. Only after losing something so important, families realize that their future is lost. The death of Romeo and Juliet there is a moral: people’s feelings are much more important than the old class of superstitions.

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