Essay about questions hucklberry finn

Essay about questions hucklberry finn

Huckleberry Finn and his best friend, Tom Sawyer, – the heroes of novels of Mark Twain “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”, created in 1876, and “The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, created in 1884. Twelve-year-old boys, residents of a small provincial American city of St. Petersburg. They are companion in games and fun, which now and then gives birth to their irrepressible imagination.

The word «huckleberry» similar to blueberries – aren’t big black berries, came from North America. Since 1835, the word acquire the meaning “insignificant person”.

Tom Blankenship – the ancestor of the Huckleberry. He was the best friend in their childhood of Twain’s. Firstly, the poet refute that Huck is the image of a existing man, but after a time in his “autobiography” he say the truth: “in “Huckleberry Finn” I brought Tom Blankenship exactly the way he was. Ill-mannered, unwashed, and always hungry, but with the kindest heart of all I have ever known. He enjoyed unlimited freedom and was the only truly independent man in our town and, as a consequence, constantly and serene happy. We all envied him.”

His old brother Tom actually tried to help to hide fugitive Negro, although such an act on the slaveholding South was believed unscrupulous for a fair man and a Negro were offered monetary rewards, which were really useful and good for poor family – Blankenship. Obviously, the story of two boys encouraged the writer to create the other novel.

Therefore, it is really breathtaking and exciting stories. I recommend everyone to read them. You will get unforgettable impressions and good emotions. So, after reading this interesting story, you can share your opinion with your friends or relatives, or with your family.

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