Essay about questions on animal farm

Essay about questions on animal farm

Animal farms then and now.
Many years ago food used to be a problem for thousands of people. They were wandering, forced to eat what they could collect or catch. But then once they learned how to tame the animals, and many things changed since then. It was the beginning of a new era for the whole humanity.
Nowadays farms may exist in many different variants.

Firstly, peasants can have their own animals in the country, all these pigs, geese, cows and chickens. These farm animals keep them going, even though owning a private farm is a difficult and tedious job. Apparently, for many people this can be perfect because of ecological issues, which becomes crucial in the up-to-date world.

Secondly, there are huge commercial companies, which own big farms with all available facilities and outstanding equipment. They allow farmers to gain more products from the animals. Farming becomes a strictly organized process, with everything working as a clock. These farming companies don’t collect the animal product like eggs, meat or milk just for themselves. They always have their connections with huge trade companies that could sell their product to the cities, the inhabitants of which sometimes have no idea how to take care of a cow. If the product is good, it can be exported to different countries.

All in all, running such tremendous farms may lead to additional troubles. If a person grows food for himself, he will never be bothered by the governmental control. On the other hand, farming companies have to go through all kinds of checking. The experts study thoroughly the samples of meat and milk, searching for chemicals or antibiotics, which may exist there. In case something forbidden is found, the company may be closed and the owner will sustain losses.

In conclusion, animal farms, being a vital thing even in the modern world, have their own traps and pitfalls. Still, if you love calm and peaceful life in the country, you will find your way through this.

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