Essay about questions on responsibility to protect

Essay about questions on responsibility to protect

A person is called a Person when he is able to be responsible for his actions, behavior, for the results of his activities, to hold in his hands a personal fate, ready for any tests and victories. If there is no responsibility for themselves, say in people, human there is no-he, in essence, there is only Foreword to man.

Responsibility is a duty to someone or something. Our social duty, honor and conscience, life position is a measure of responsibility to society. Everyone needs to learn how to govern themselves, i.e. snow spirit yourself. Self-education is also a manifestation of responsibility, which indicates the maturity of man, his spiritual strength.

It is not easy to fulfill your duty to your family, friends, Homeland. There are dozens of reasons: I don’t want to get up early; why should I respect my parents; I won’t read because my head hurts; there are no conditions for creative work at home. Those who adhere to such rules do not understand that the conditions for their lives in different periods of its development creates the man himself. And only depends on it, whether it will be able to achieve its goal, to realize their dreams. The main thing is not only to set a goal, but also to fully contribute to its achievement. You have to learn how to organize and plan your life so that everything is in time. But it is necessary to take into account the interests of people around them, because you can not separate yourself from people, then life will be meaningless.

Man, you are called to live and create for the good of happiness on Earth, you are responsible for your actions not only to yourself, but also to everyone you love, who loves you. In order to always feel like a person, you need in your life to bring as much joy and light to the lives of other people.

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