Essay about questions

Essay about questions

Essay about questions
How many questions we have got while being children. Kids usually ask about everything they see, hear, touch. Adults should satisfy their curiosity, because it’s a baton people transfer from one generation to another. Sometimes these questions confuse grown-ups. It’s not so easy to explain to children complicated things. Small ones don’t know a lot of vocabulary and can’t realize everything that happens in the life.

Especially it’s hard to deliver the information about such ideas, as a divorce of parents or somebody’s death.

All questions need answers. The answers can be found only in process of search. That’s why people try to read more. Books, manuscripts and similar origins help us to come closer to truth. Of course, the universe is a great riddle, which can’t be guessed till the end. Scientists, explorers, researchers try to study nature and its laws. But they’re still on the halfway.

They always meet new questions. So learning assists in the process of looking for answers. People don’t stop being surprised by wonders which exist next to each other. And more questions appear again. Different theories prove some facts, but there’s an exception among the strict rule.

Thanks to questions we stream to invent, create, develop and work. They are a push to progress. This way the humanity learns the world, going up the stairs of the knowledge and comprehension what its being is indeed. It’s possible to get information from the internet.

If you feel it isn’t enough you may ask more competent people. It is also known that the truth is born during the argument. We have to remember one more thing: the answer is often on the surface, a glance into your soul can give a right one. That’s called intuition or the gift we were given by heavens. Let’s use this quality for our sake then.

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