Essay about reality TV shows

Essay about reality TV shows

Lately, more and more reality shows have been shown on TV. People spend a few hours of their free time daily watching them. This phenomenon has both positive and negative sides, which should be considered in more details. At the same time, we should not forget that every person can look at such a social phenomenon in his own way: someone considers it immoral, and someone on the contrary wants to monitor what is happening on the screens.

On the one hand, every person who watches the reality show understands that there are ordinary people involved, like himself. He thinks that he can also become a hero of the program: earn a million dollars, find love or lose weight on the air. Because of this, they believe that their lives can also become better. Also after a hard day people want to relax mentally and physically and reality shows just help to relax and not think about the problems.

On the other hand, reality shows have a negative effect. For example, much of what is happening on the screen is a competent statement, and the events in real time are a carefully rehearsed script. Everything that happens on the screen is designed to attract the attention of viewers, so later the creators of the show could make a profit from the project. It has also been proven that watching entertainment programs such as reality shows causes people to degrade by spending most of their free time in front of TV without self-education.

At the conclusion we should say that reality shows have good and bad consequences that complement each other. Transmission helps to relax, but after reviewing them, you can degrade. participants of the show are really ordinary people, but that’s all they do is written in the script or designed to entertain the audience. The main thing is to find a balance: you can watch reality shows, but not get carried away by them until you lose touch with reality.

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4 thoughts on “Essay about reality TV shows”

  1. I enjoy watching sports TV shows such as Ninja Warrior. Entertaining shows I don’t watch. They were more often associated with the degradation. Above all else, get plenty of fresh air, leave your house.

  2. I enjoy watching TV shows! But not every show is good. Like books, there are so many different types of it. I love art and everything about it. My last choice of TV show is ink master! I love it so much! There are 18 people who can ink tattoo and only one of them can win this title “Ink Master”. They are incredible!

  3. In Russia, the first experience of the reality show was the projects “Behind the Glass” (October 2001) and “The Last Hero” (November 2001), followed by many others. In October 2002, the reality show “Russian Miracle” was released on the REN-TV channel, the uniqueness of which in comparison with other projects was that 9 participants of the show, working for one month in one of the Moscow offices, were in sight 24 hidden cameras and at the same time they did not know that they were being shot (the Ukrainian version of the Russian Miracle was broadcast by the Kyiv TV channel Inter and was very popular). Also, one of the most beloved and, according to viewers, interesting [source not specified 2757 days] reality was the show “Hunger” of the TNT channel.

  4. I want to share my opinion about the reality show. I watched one show for a very long time and extracted useful information that I used in real life. This is a positive experience for me.

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