Essay about reason

Essay about reason

Essay about reason
The reason is the source of any action. Errors are also the result of the cause. For example: the person of the slidan world is not just an arisen feeling. He has a reason, too. When the kitchen faucet does not flow-it is also not just so.

The reason is what makes a man act. Any person, when it interferes with something, wants to change the situation. It is the situation that creates uncertainty and will be the cause.
Every day we are faced with the reasons why we have to do something, to change the world ourselves.

For example: in the morning, few people want to get up from their warm bed to go to work. But here’s the reason”turns on”. A person understands that sleeping through their working time-it can threaten dismissal and other unpleasant situations. This reason makes us understand that it is better to get up and appear in the workplace to avoid problems with money in relation to colleagues, superiors.

There can be several types of causes: simple, complex ,priority and non-priority, positive and negative.
Simple reasons are the ones that are lonely: overslept work, lay down late, watched TV for a long time. Complex reasons-combined, depend on several situations at the same time, for example, overslept because of the long time watching TV; overslept work and did not have time to brush his teeth because of his wife. Priority reasons are the main reasons determining the outcome, the result (overslept because of the wife (“because of the wife”is more priority than”overslept”).

Non-priority ones are those that are not the main reasons, they often do not depend fundamentally (out of breath, like hot). Negative-the reasons for which there are negative consequences. Positive-those for which there are positive consequences).
Thus, it can be concluded that the reason is the basis that forms the development and action.

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