Essay about red panda

Essay about red panda

Essay about red pandaI can bet that not all of us heard about red pandas. What’s the difference between ordinary panda and the red one? Why they are so imortant and what dangerous situations there are about them? The first and the main thing is that they can be found in Himalayas or in some parts of China. They are also called red bear-cat.Their ration is mainly consisted of bamboo, but they eat insects, fish or birds too.

They are active during the day but you can’t find them at night. It has special claws which help to grab bamboo easily. They are quite enough. There are not so many sounds that help them communicate. They mainly sleep on the trees. It licks its fur like a cat in order to keep it clear. If there is a dangerous situation, it can easily climb on the rock or on the tree. The permanent human’s poaching led to the threat of red pandas disappearance. This specie is under conservation since the end of the 20th century. You can find them in the worldwide famous zoos, because they can adapt pretty well in the captivity. There is only one well-known case of keeping it like a house pet. Someone presented such an animal to Indira Gandhi’s family.

They had to build a special tree house in order to keep it like in a real wild nature. The main problem about this very specie is that it is still under the threat of disappearance. We should account that it has a low birth rate that is why any attempts of poaching will lead to the entire disappearance of this animal. The new wedding couples in China use hats with the tails of red pandas. It means that their fur is quite expensive in these areas, which causes a great amount of its killing.

There is one more interesting fact. They have a “false thumb” which helps them to climb on the trees. All in all, we have to protect such animals, which can be difficult to find in a few years.

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