Essay about relationships with god

Essay about relationships with god

Relationships with God
Everyone knows how cruel and merciless our world is. We need to be strong at every area of our life. Nevertheless, there are people, who just can’t bare all their burdens in this world. They struggle and suffer. And the only salvation they can find is God.
All Christians believe that only God can help them to rub through every problem they have. It is just all about faith. Nowadays people are too materialistic to accept God’s existence.

They need to see God their own eyes. The matter is that only few saints were able to do it. I should admit that only believe in God can be stronger than everything else we have in this world. You can feel his presence noticing all the miracles that happen around us. I am not talking about a miracle of resurrection or something else. Just look at the world and its creatures around you. This is amazing miracle, isn’t it?

There are some types of people, which I would like to single out. First type of people visit church and take part in its services. This participation has special meaning for them. That is how they communicate with God on spiritual level.

Other people believe in his existence, but they don’t pay respect to church and don’t see any sense in its services. Such people think that there is no need to go to church to communicate with God. They are right in a way, because he can hear you everywhere you decide to appeal to him. All that such people need is a pray. Talking about prays, I should say that there are different types of pray.
We can pray when we need help or just want to thank God for his help. It all depends on faith. If we have strong faith, we can get an answer.

All in all, you can believe in God whether you visit church or not. If you have strong faith in him and keep asking for something, he will surely give it to you or give you a hint on what you should do in this life.

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