Essay about science and technology development

Essay about science and technology development

Essay on the development of science and technology.
Science and technology are interrelated branches of human activity. The need for the latest technical developments forces to develop science. But there is another model: science, developing, due to be reflected in practice. So there is a technique.
Many countries are developing science to build weapons. The latest developments are often associated with the conquest of space.
People have always dreamed of visiting not only the Earth, but also other planets. But for this purpose it is necessary to have new and effective technical means. Without them, no man can fly anywhere.

Science comes up with theoretical theses, postulates that realize themselves in the production of new computers, new cars, satellites, microwaves and other devices.

For a long time, people have perfected their intelligence skills, which have now become a solid and fundamental scientific knowledge.
At first everything was simple. Man has invented tools for the production write. Then I started to develop my skills, to hone them, until I came to mastery. It was the first scientific and practical application of intelligence. Gradually, more and more substances were discovered: metals, gases and so on. All of this has ultimately brought the world to the state it is now in.

Push – button phones and smartphones, computers and tablets, robots and cars are the brainchild of science and ever-evolving technology. Thanks to their relationship, the light appear things that greatly facilitate a person’s life. We have become more time to figure his place in life. We develop ourselves, further develop science, and then the equipment begins to develop constantly changing, improving.

If science stops in its development, then the technical modernization of mankind will stop.

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