Essay about sciences

Essay about sciences

Essay about sciences
It is a well-known fact for today that our world was created out of chaos. Anyway, we don’t need chaos in our daily life anymore. We develop everything in this world, trying to study the phenomenon of life. That is how different sciences appear.

Put simply, science is a structured way of studying something. That helps to simplify studying, of course. But the more we get to know something about the world, the more unknown appears. It seems like an endless process. The humanity doesn’t actually know whether there is a chance to get to know everything about us. Anyway, a structured theory and practice are better than nothing. The process of studying something in school becomes easier when there is a special program or a consistency.

In ancient times there were no well-developed sciences. And the reason of that was an absence of writing. People couldn’t forward the information in written form. All the important knowledge traveled by word of mouth. The ancestors left some plates with drawings or even nothing, so to say. The invention of writing and book printing changed everything.

In the medieval only wealth people could afford higher education. They studied a few languages and spent at least a third of their lives for studying. That is impressive, isn’t it?
Nowadays, it is not a big deal to print your own book. But it doesn’t mean that sciences will become richer or something else. This fact shows that even nonsense can be found on the bookshelves. From time to time, it is difficult to differentiate whether you read a science article or just gibberish of someone’s sick mind. You can have your own points of view on some aspects in different sciences. That is normal, as for me.

To summarize, I don’t believe in science for one hundred percent, because it was invented by a human. And a human, as you know, not the most reliable creature in this world.

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