Essay about sentence

Essay about sentence

Essay about sentence

Text is created from the sentences. And what is the offer? The sentence consists of letters. In the sentence, you can write anything, convey information, emotions, various data and just talk and discuss something.
People since ancient times tried to communicate, transfer data. They communicated by means of drawings, hieroglyphs. Then began to be created letters, numbers. From letters have become be created sentences.

Any texts are created from the sentences. Books, movies, music, all this contains words and sentences.
People communicate through offers. Children are taught to pronounce words first, and then sentences, because it is on the basis of sentences built further speech.
By using a person learns, knows information. Humanity has received a huge push forward, when there are not just individual words, but sentences.

The usual sentence can tell us about various phenomena of nature, help to plunge into the world of science, open the door to other people, help to understand yourself, your world, learn new things.
Only one offer may offend someone, please, resurrect, kill. The offer counts for a lot. The words also mean a lot. having said one word, you can also destroy a person, his soul.
The offer is very dangerous, but at the same time saving for a person. When we say something, you should always dumati before that, suddenly the man will do badly hurt.

One sentence can be said in different languages, it will sound different, but the meaning will remain the same. Many languages, many words, but the same sentence will be the same in all languages.
How many sense, it turns out, hidden in one only word “sentence.”

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