Essay about service

Essay about service

Essay about service
Modern reality is full of all kinds of services that provide people with living conditions. Someone is engaged in the provision of services that provide food, while others are engaged in other types of services.
Features of service in Russia differ from service in other countries. First, all this is due to the fact that the service is influenced by the mentality of the population.

For the Russian mentality is characterized by hospitality, hospitality, “breadth” of the soul. Secondly, Russians are very open and emotional, which is due to the development of creativity. This is all reflected in the service: b(dissatisfaction with the client, the fatigue from them is reflected in this), some waitresses can cry if they pressure the client (emotional level). This is one”side of the coin”. On the other hand, our service is something extraordinary. Where a European or Asian is confused, the Russian will quickly realize what needs to be done. For example: the bar customer is not happy with the bartender’s drink being poured into his glass.

The bartender was not taken aback, and just swapped glasses, as sitting next to another client who was not happy with the poured into his glass, and “drinks”, if they swap places, would have arranged both dissatisfied customers. Playing on this, the bartender amused the audience and” appeased ” disgruntled buyers. There are many such examples in our country.
An American or a resident of another European country would be confused and would look for ways to solve the situation, but he would use only logic, which sometimes does not always help in a critical situation.

All this points to the fact that the analysis of the service of a country should study the life, behavior and mentality of the inhabitants of this country. This will make it possible to understand a number of many cases of a particular action on the part of the maintenance personnel providing services.

To learn service is an essential task of intelligence of any country, as its quality depends very much. One of these service-dependent parts is the country’s economy.

The modern reality is that people are forced to work in the service sector (service), providing certain services to other citizens.
Thus, the company was divided into two categories: customers and service employees. Each of these “castes” is able to move from one social role to another, which ensures its mobility..

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