Essay about she started smoking

Essay about she started smoking

The problem of smoking is the most pressing and widespread problem in the modern society. According to researches, almost a billion people suffer from smoking worldwide. Every day we can see a woman or a man, even a teenager with a cigarette in hands. It is terrible!
Cigarettes are very bad for human health, body and organism.

Nicotine in the composition of the cigarettes enters the lungs and completely enveloped in them, resulting in clogged lungs and the person becomes difficult to breathe. A smoker can be seen immediately. This person has an unhealthy appearance. He has got pale complexion, yellow teeth, big dark bruises under his eyes. He has bad breath and sore tired eyes. Smoking can kill a person. It leads to various diseases. For example, cancer and inflammation of lymph nodes.

But why does a person start smoking? What is the main reason? It can be a bad social circle. A person can easily succumb to the opinion of society, especially if it is his best friends. After trying to smoke once, it will be difficult for a person to stop. It is just like with drugs. Under the influence of friends, a person can start smoking.

Also people may start smoking due to the fact that just wants to seem to adults. Most people who smoke are adults. We used to take the lead from the elders. However, not in this case.
In addition, a person just wanted to try the forbidden and criminal thing. It can also be a cause of smoking initiation. On the packs of cigarettes usually are written: “Smoking is death”. That is right. Because cigarettes have terrible consequences.

Finally, I want to say that there are no advantages of smoking at all, only harm and danger. Smoking is one of the most dangerous and complicated problems in our world. And we have to get rid of this problem.

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