Essay about social media

Essay about social media

Social media
Social networks get more and more exposure. Every day hundreds of thousands of people are registered there. The cost of the largest of them is calculated by millions and billions of dollars.
Social networks are no longer just a place of communication of a large number of people – it’s games, videos, trading platforms and marketing tools. Not so long ago, social networks have become a political weapon. It was thanks to them that several revolutions in the eastern countries broke out.

Communicating with people who are far from us and the events that take place in their lives captivates us, and we are in a hurry to be in social networks for free. It’s sometimes difficult to maintain relationships with dozens of friends you are communicating with or knew about before, you can always find out more about their lives by looking at their friends’ news feed.

Social networks also help us with the search for our long-standing acquaintances, whose connection was lost many years ago. If you need to share information, make announcements and communicate with a particular group, you can create your own group on the network, where all information can be seen only in this circle of communication.

Social networks play an important role for a modern person. Sometimes people do not even notice how captivating events happening online spend hours on the Internet. And it’s not just that. Some events happen to us, and we are in a hurry to share it with others. You have made an interesting photo – it’s worthwhile to show your friends.

Social media in our time for some people – whole life. There, they can spend both a few minutes and a half in search of interesting information. However, knowing all the benefits of virtual communication, one should not forget that we live in the real world and maintain relationships with real friends better live.

So enjoy social networking, keep abreast of events, new trends in different areas, but do not forget about the real life and close people who are near you.

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  1. The topic is of current interest. Nowadays social media seems to have the greatest influence on society. That’s kinda scary. So the conclusion of the essay is true – keep up with the new trends, but live the real life. Balance is the key.

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