Essay about space

Essay about space

What do you know about space? Space is a story about ourselves. This is a story about how from hunters and gatherers we were able to climb up to the stars. The cosmos is much more wonderful than anything we can imagine. It has been a long time since human began explore ether purposefully, to discover planets and stars. It’s just a moment on a cosmic scale.

Our earth, the solar system and all stars are located in the Milky Way galaxy. It was discovered in the 18th century by the English astronomer William Herschel. Just imagine we live in thirty thousand light-years from the center of the Milky Way. And our galaxy is not the only one, in the Maiden’s cluster there are even more than a thousand other galaxies. After that you feel quite tiny, isn’t it? But what do you think of the fact that the atoms we are part of once were part of the stars?

Let’s go even further. I will reveal one more interesting fact. The age of the universe is 13,8 billion years. And during this time, it has traveled a long way from the singularity to our days. For the whole existence of humanity, we have advanced far in the comprehension of the cosmos. We rejected geocentrism and came to heliocentrism. We went from myths to quantum physics. But how many more secrets conceal in itself outer space? Our world is 95 percent of dark matter, of which we know almost nothing. But we still have to open all this. We are on the treshold of more and more new discoveries.

But even what we know now could not be open. If the pioneers had not doubted all the foundations and authorities, starting with Giordano Bruno asserting the idea of the infinity of the universe, which the inquisition of his native Italy burned at the stake for his absurd for that times and contradictory bible views.

The whole universe is in us. And who knows, maybe one of us one day will cast away all that is known before and reveal another mystery of the incomprehensible but such an attractive space. And then the microcosm of the person will help to know the unknown previously about the macrocosm.

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