Essay about sport

Essay about sport

Essay sport

There is no doubt that sport is very useful. It helps to be strong, firm of purpose and self-confident. When we spend the time in for sport we feel well, because our body gets the store of cheerfulness. Physical exercises are helpful for health. The organism begins to work like a watch. Our mind also becomes self-disciplined. Sport hardens the temper. If we look at sportsmen we can notice that they’re accurate. They get used to work on themselves, day by day they set new records. Sport joins people, they make friends and start the healthy life. Everybody who does the sport is really enduring.

We can’t say a lot of training has advantages, because loadings may harm us. If a person is forced to bear long hours of doing sport, he can have problems. Some people don’t realize that the loading should be increased slowly, adding extra exercises gradually. Otherwise, the heart attack or any other illness is guaranteed. Many fat people believe the sport relieves them from spare kilograms. Women and men go to gym, running on tracks and lifting weights. But without a control of the eating process they won’t keep fit. They see any benefit, though. Moreover, movement improves the work of the blood, breath and digestion function.

When we choose a kind of sport, we compare it with others. There are people who can’t stand team games. So they don’t play football, basketball, volleyball. Some of humans like swimming, because the water calms them down. Now yoga is very popular. It’s soft and quiet. It fits people of any age. If you want to get fresh air it’s good to go jogging. The best time for this occupation is morning and the best place is a park. The main thing is your inner feeling. Listen to your heart, it will tell whether your soul enjoys the sport or it hardly stands it. If you are happy while doing it – that’s the sign that you are on the right way.

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  1. I think that any physical exercise is useful for us. It happens that a person does not have time to go to the gym or to the stadium in order to play sports. But any person can do several exercises at home every day. And this will also be useful for his health.

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