Essay about sports and games

Essay about sports and games

Some people say it’s essential for a person to have a hobby. Other prefer to spend their leisure time on doing nothing but watching TV or listen to music. But where does the truth lie? Is it important to be an active person or you can afford yourself to spend your weekends on passive resting?

We all need to have rest sometimes. But when someone prefers to spend his weekends watching TV series or reading a book, others play football or go to swimming pool. We all are different, but scientists say that the second variant is more preferable if you want to be productive in your studying or work.

While doing sport human’s body secrets a special hormone, which makes a person feel better. Thanks to this you become more concentrated, it’s easier to deal with difficult tasks and overcome complex problems. That’s why mane successful businessmen and investors can’t imagine their lives without sport or jogging.

I strongly believe that sport and games make our life brighter. In my opinion, it’s a great opportunity to escape from daily routine and improve your health. Moreover, thanks to sport you become stronger physically and emotionally and learn, how to overcome life’s little traumas.

Nevertheless, lots of people don’t like sport at all. Their prefer reading or watching TV to physical activities. To my mind, it happens because they are quite lazy and can’t make themselves to do best for their health.

Coming to the conclusion, I’d like to underline one more time how important the sport is. It develop yourself, helps you to become stronger person. With doing sport you learn how to achieve goals easier, it broadens your mind and trains you not to give up. Eventually, it’s just more interesting to live with many different hobbies, than to spend all your days sitting at home and playing video games.

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