Essay about sports and health

Essay about sports and health

The healthy lifestyle is a basis of health. Recently he has received a lot of attention. So occurs because every day the speed of life grows and remains to time for itself a little. To live long and to be healthy, it is necessary to eat properly, to good sleep, play sports. The sport is an obligatory part of a healthy lifestyle.

I consider that only food and a dream, can’t make the person healthy, therefore the physical activity is necessary. It is known that the movement is life. The sport is the movement. Means, the sport is life.

Many people the most part of day sit, but to be healthy, every day it is necessary to pass not less than 4 kilometers on foot. It is also necessary to do exercises in the mornings or to be engaged in the gym that the body always looked beautifully. Few people conform to this rule. Meanwhile, the sport is not only beautiful body. Sports activities have several advantages, for example:
bones and sheaves long time keep elasticity;helps to grow thin, it isn’t necessary to keep to wearisome diets;
brings good mood, a cheerfulness charge for a long time;

If constantly to play sports, it is possible to notice that the body became flexible, harmonious, the mood has improved. The good mood is very important indicator in the 21st century. Now the stress is a normal state of the person and an organism, because people are influenced by a large number of informational garbage, it is necessary to bear responsibility for the life. The sport helps to unload a brain, to have a rest to him from big loading.

The sport allows to develop harmoniously in a body, grow spiritually, to enjoy life. It is necessary to be engaged in him from the youngest age that in old age problems with sheaves, bones didn’t disturb.

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