Essay about sports and recreation

Essay about sports and recreation

Sports and recreation both form an essential portion of our lives because these practices bring physical and mental wellbeing to a human body. It is a proven fact, that physical health to a significant extent depends on motion activity and sports give it better than anything else. Each of us is free to choose sports for its own. Thus, someone likes individual sports and committed to achieving personal goals while others prefer team sports. Both are great. Someone may ask if chess is a good sport? The answer is positive because playing chess contribute a lot to the mental health of an individual and a society as well.

And what about recreation? Few people throughout the world prefer to relax in the cafes and restaurants. Well, sometimes this is a good deal, but not on a permanent basis. For example, rambling and hiking is a good example of an active leisure. Millions of people in our country rush to the seas in the summer. This is a good practice; however, they don’t need to spend all day lying on the beach. Better activities include swimming, water aerobics, riding inflatable rafts, etc. Physical exercises bring the load as well as relaxation to muscles and the body becomes stronger, fitter and healthier.

Where are the best sports and recreation facilities in the world? Well, there are many countries that pay great attention to the development of sports and recreation on a national level. One of these countries is Great Britain. Near 30 million people access different sport Centers annually there. People go in for jogging, swimming, billiards and snooker, fitness and yoga, tennis, football, cricket, golf, rugby and cycling. The British Government recently has worked out a new sports strategy for the nation.

Clever leaders are sure that sports and recreation facilities bring employment and income in the long run and sports construction is a promising investment in the future.

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