Essay about sports competition

Essay about sports competition

Sports competition
Sports competitions are aimed at identifying the strongest athletes and teams, the highest sport achievements, improving sportsmanship, promoting physical culture and sports. They allow to objectively evaluate the activities of sports organizations, coaches, athletes, judges; international sports competitions are an important means of strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between athletes from different countries.

Geographically, sports competitions are distinguished worldwide (Olympic Games, Universiade, World Championships), Olympics, regional (continental championships, cups, games), national (individual countries). Depending on the content of the program, competitions can be comprehensive and specialized (for individual sports); depending on the objectives and conditions for determining the winners – personal and personnel-command; by the nature of the conduct-official, classification (to determine the athletic qualifications of participants) and comradely, including traditional ones.

There are three main systems for the competition: circular, cup and mixed. Sports competitions are held separately for men and women (with the exception of equestrian sports, a number of technical sports, etc.); adults, juniors, boys and children; In some sports (tennis, table tennis), there are competitions for mixed pairs; in figure skating – performances of sports couples and dance duets. Sports competitions are regulated by the relevant official rules that determine the requirements for participants, judges, sports facilities, equipment, equipment, conditions and procedures for determining winners and participants’ results. Control over the observance of rules established for sports competitions, the fixing of results is carried out by sports judges.

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